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Feijoas - 4kg Box

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Our family-grown Feijoas have been packed within days of being picked to be delivered to your door. A delicious seasonal fruit bursting with goodness and a beautiful floral aroma.

Please note: The image is an indication of feijoas only. As nature is, each season is different and fruit varies in colour and size each season. 

We can only ship to urban addresses (no rural addresses please) and shipping is calculated based upon your location and the number of trays you order.

We are sorry freight prices are so expensive. Yes they are high. We hear you. We understand. We wish it was cheaper for everyone involved and that we could absorb the cost for you. However, we do promise healthy and delicious Autumnal fruit to your door! 


As a guide:

Nelson/Tasman: (GGS)

  • $12 for 1-4 boxes (4kg each)

South Island: (GSS)

  • Christchurch - $14 for 1-4 boxes (4kg each)
  • South of Christchurch/Westcoast - $20 for 1-4 boxes (4kg each)

North Island: (GSS)

  • Wellington to South of Auckland - $18 for 1-4 boxes (4kg each) 
  • Auckland - $21 for 1-4 boxes (4kg each)