Simple Ways to Enjoy Fresh Figs

If you are new to the delightful world of fresh figs or are an avid fig lover, here are a few of our favourite ways to enjoy this scrumptious Autumn fruit.

  • Roughly tear fresh figs into chunks and added to a cheese board with a creamy blue cheese, goats cheese, toasted walnuts and wholegrain crackers or oat cakes. This makes a delicious entertaining platter for when you have guests over!
  • Slice fresh figs into quarters and dollop over homemade muesli or granola with thick Greek yoghurt for breakfast
  • Stuff whole individual figs with pieces of blue cheese, wrap each fig in salty prosciutto and bake until soft. Drizzle over olive oil, balsamic vinegar and freshly ground black pepper before baking. This is a delectable entrée or light lunch served with warm crusty bread.
  • Add halved figs to a roasting dish of crispy skinned pork rack to make the most delicious Autumn Sunday roast
  • Cut figs in half and brush with melted butter & honey before caramelising them under a hot grill for a few minutes. A simple yet delicious dessert served with thick yoghurt or vanilla ice cream (dad’s favourite!)

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