Why we love our candied and chocolate fig products...

One of the reasons we created our range of candied and chocolate fig products was to reduce food waste within the orchard. Figs are extremely fragile and very, very perishable. Meaning that each fresh fig season we end up with a whole lot of perfectly, imperfect figs that are too ripe to send out. So we created something delicious with all of those amazing figs! 

Our fig products (our Candied Figs, Chocolate Coated Candied Figs and our Orange and Chilli Chocolate Coated Candied Figs) also allow an extension of fig season across the year. Enabling fellow fig lovers around the country to enjoy the beauty that is figs outside of fresh fig season. Hallelujah to that! 

Over the 2024 fig harvest, we welcomed Gabe who produced some lovely footage of our fig products, why we love them and how we make them. 

Come and have a little look here...

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