Thank you!

Our fresh fig and feijoa season has finished for 2021 and we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of our lovely customers for your support this season. Thank you to those who have supported us for many seasons and thank you to those who have newly purchased from us.


We really do adore fig season, love the orchard and what we do, so it is an absolute privilege to pick figs and send them out to fellow fig lovers.



This year we ended the season once again by attending the Feast Marlborough Friday Night Feast event and serving Fresh Figs Three Ways. We stuck to the tried-and-true menu that so many of you loved the first few times we served it…


  1. Fresh figs w vanilla + maple mascarpone, maple salted toasted walnuts, Candied Figs + Dad’s fig sauce
  2. Fresh figs w whipped Cranky Goat’s cheese, salted toasted hazelnuts, Thymebank greens + local olive oil
  3. Fresh figs with Little River Estate Tasman Blue, prosciutto, balsamic glaze and olive oil


We look forward to another fresh fig harvest season just as good as 2021, if not better, in 2022!


Emily and the Old Road Estate team


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