Farm Gate Sales Open!

We are so very excited to announce that our farm gate sales are now open for the first time ever - hopefully with many more years to come for Old Road Estate.

Dad has outdone himself with this nifty idea for a ‘fig house’ to keep the fruit cool and fresh so that you can enjoy them as we do – just like you’ve picked them straight off the tree yourself. The idea of the farm gate sales is to enable locals to try and enjoy those figs with delightfully juicy spilt skins that we all take home after a day in the orchard to eat (if we don’t eat them sooner!), but that we can’t send around the country to our customers due to the fragile nature of our luscious figs.

We are using an honesty box system and will be delivering a number of punnets each day to the farm gate for you to take home. If we ever run out of figs – just let us know by texting the orchard on 027-234 6050 and we will run some extra down  to the gate to ensure more folk can enjoy them!  

We’re into recycling around here so please drop off any punnets back to the farm gate fig house so we can ensure nothing goes to waste. We’d love to see how you enjoy our figs so please share your fig creations, recipes or ideas with us on Facebook and Instagram using #oldroadestate.


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Thank you!

The Old Road Estate team



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