2022 Fresh Fig Online Orders are OPEN!

We are thrilled to announce that are fresh fig online sales are open for 2022! 

You can purchase both premium and second-grade fig trays here.

Our aim is to pick, pack and dispatch fresh figs all in the same day so that you receive your figs as soon as you can. From tree to door as we say! 

We hope our fellow fig lovers enjoy the Autumn fruit. Thank you for your support - it means a lot to a little business like ours.

Just a quick word about freight. We are in our third season of shipping perishable figs in a pandemic! What this means is that courier companies are short staffed and have limited resources. But our best chance of getting our figs to you as soon as possible (i.e. overnight!), is for us to only use 'OVERNIGHT' tickets on our trays. We then track your figs until they arrive to you and do our best to follow up deliveries until they are with you. The South Island is great but getting figs promptly across to the North Island sometimes takes a little longer. Please be aware of this when you order as freight companies are making no guarantees sadly. We wish this was different!  


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