2017, that's a wrap!

Our fig and feijoa season has come to an end for the year. A season with a delayed start due to rain and reduced sunshine hours across the region meant our production was down on previous years but the fruit still tasted as BEAUTIFUL as ever.  

The reduced volume meant the figs were more sacred than ever before with each and every fig handpicked, inspected and packed to ensure optimum quality. While this happens every year, there's something quite special about smaller volumes as you almost get to know every fig! We are a small team that is very passionate about our fruit and each day we all spend many hours with our produce. As a result we are constant contact with each other about what is happening out in the orchard and in the pack shed.  

While the leaves on the trees are now falling and any fruit left dropping to the ground and providing nourishment back into the soil, we'd like to thank you for your support this season. We hope you enjoyed our Autumn fruit! 

We'll be in contact in 2018 as soon as we see our fruit appearing and ripening on the trees but in the meantime, we wish you a happy, healthy and delicious Winter. 

Kind regards,

The Old Road Estate team

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